Brett's Trip to Italia


I went over to Italy from late June to early July to ride my bike with Andy Hampsten, owner and chief guide of Cinghiale Tours. Andy and his crew run a fantastic tour so if you're thinking about heading out for a tour Cinghiale is definitely worth checking out. The accomodations and food are fantastic, especially considering the reasonable price. The riding... well, if there's better riding anywhere else in the world, I want to know where! As I told Andy, I've never ridden for so long with a huge silly grin on my face.

The tour lasted 8 days/9 nights. The first 4 days we stayed at Hotel Zi Martino in Castegneto Carducci. Castegneto Carducci is a small town near the coast and it is is just off the right side of the map below. You can see Donoratico which is where Ciclo Sport, the supporting bike shop, is located. Ciclo Sport is definitely worth a stop if you're in the area - lots of really really nice bikes and the people are great! Donoratico is about 5 km from Castegneto Carducci (to give you an idea of the scale).

map of coastal Tuscany
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Many pro road teams fight to see who gets to stay at Zi Martino for their spring training camps and for good reason. The hotel is very nice and the attached restaurant makes some of the best food I've ever eaten. My particular favorite was the ravioli which was absolutely delectable. I won't mention the desserts right now - my keyboard couldn't take the onslaught of drool that would occur thinking about it. Because food was such a big part of the tour (at least it was for me), I've recorded what I ate most days.
just outside Castegneto Carducci
view of the area just to the east of Castegneto Carducci
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It's probably easiest to follow the trip day by day, but jump around if you like. Each day's page will have a few images, which you can click on to get bigger versions (some 1280x1024) and the text beneath each image will tell you how big the image is, in pixels and in kilobytes. Because I took so many pictures, additional images are also available - there'll be a link at the bottom of each day's page for more pics. I can't put everything up - it'd take too long to get them all up, but there is still a large number of pictures available. Finally, in many of the pictures there will appear to be a bunch of dark spots - that's not dust on my lens, but some of the many birds flying around. Hope you enjoy.
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